day 269:how are you similar to and different from the majority of Tumblr users?

I ship people, I obsessed over fictional characters. 

But … I’ve never seen doctor who, I don’t really belong to fandoms, there was a period where I liked Nickleback, I’ve never read nor have I seen the hunger games. 

day 268: an overused saying?

Are you picking up what I’m throwin down? 

day 267: when you’ve had a terrible day, how do you deal with it?

Music, Emilie, food, writing, or shopping. 

day 266: an old song you still like

I HOPE YOU DANCE, so old but so good omg.

day 265: post a picture of your outfit, or explain it

Tie dye sweatshirt, yoga pants with the sequin top, and black riding boots.